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What is Google Remarketing, and how can it help my business?

You know that feeling when browsing online, checking out a product or service, and then - poof! - something shiny distracts you, and you're gone? Your potential customers are no different. But what if you could remind them of your brand right when they're considering their options? That's where Google Remarketing comes in.

In a nutshell, Google Remarketing is a way to serve targeted ads to people who have already interacted with your business. For example, you can show ads to users who visited your website, viewed a particular product or category, or abandoned their shopping cart. With Remarketing, you can stay top-of-mind with your audience and entice them to come back and make that purchase they were considering.

So, whether you want to increase your sales, boost your brand awareness, or attract new customers, Google Remarketing can be a game-changer for your business.

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Test the waters with our FREE Google Remarketing session

Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of Google Remarketing but unsure where to start? We're excited to offer you a FREE Google Remarketing strategy session to help you see the power of this approach in action. Valued at $2000 with no strings attached!

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100% open and objective evaluation

Wow Digital believes in 100% honesty and transparency. That means you can trust us to deliver honest feedback and recommendations based on your unique needs and goals without hidden agendas or biases.

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Determine your demographic and target market

To be successful, a marketing campaign needs to target the right audience. Failing to understand your target market can lead you to develop strategies that are not relevant or effective and waste resources.

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Understand what's required to convert visitors

Converting website visitors into paying customers is crucial to any successful business. But do you really understand what it takes to turn browsers into buyers? At Wow Digital, we specialise in analysing customer behaviour and identifying the key factors that drive conversions.

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Wow Digital — Your Google Remarketing Experts

At Wow Digital, we're passionate about helping businesses like yours unlock the full potential of digital marketing. With our expertise in Google Remarketing, we can help you to re-engage with your audience, boost your brand awareness, and drive your sales to new heights.

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Google Certified

Wow Digital is a Google-certified digital marketing agency, which means our staff has undergone rigorous training in all the services offered by Google. The experience we've gained working with online marketing campaigns gives us the expertise to help your campaigns succeed.

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Diverse International Team

Our international team of experts from around the world provides clients with a global perspective on digital marketing. With team members from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, we bring a unique perspective to every project we undertake.

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Customised Approach

Digital marketing is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Wow Digital takes the time to get to know your business and its audience before creating a marketing strategy that works well for you. Our team can provide a unique and effective approach that sets you apart from your competitors.

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Transparent Communication

We understand how overwhelming digital marketing can be, and we do our best to keep clients informed of their campaigns' progress. We provide regular updates and reports, so you're always in the know. Our team can answer your questions and address any concerns, giving you the confidence and support needed for success.


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Google Remarketing — Connect with your audience like never before

Tired of throwing your marketing budget down the drain with ineffective ads? Google Remarketing can help you to maximise your ROI by targeting users who are already familiar with your brand and are more likely to convert. Imagine being able to re-engage with potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product. With Google Remarketing, you can!

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More clicks

Studies have shown that remarketing ads can have up to 10 times the click-through rates compared to regular display ads. This is because remarketing ads are highly targeted and personalised to the user's previous behaviour, making them more relevant and enticing.

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Better quality leads

It's not just about getting more clicks — it's also about getting the right clicks. With Google Remarketing, you can refine your targeting to reach users most likely interested in your product or service. This means you can focus your budget on high-value users who are more likely to convert rather than casting a wide net and hoping for the best.

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Enjoyable customer experience

Say goodbye to annoying ads that disrupt your customers' browsing experience. With Google Remarketing, you can serve targeted ads that are relevant and enjoyable, increasing the likelihood that your audience will engage with your brand.

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Higher conversion

It's time to take your conversion rates to the next level. By showing ads to users who have already shown an interest in your product, Google Remarketing can help you to increase your click-through rates and ultimately drive more conversions for your business.

The Wow Digital Secret

At Wow Digital, we're not your typical marketing agency. We're a team of certified Google Ads specialists passionate about helping businesses like yours succeed. What sets us apart from the competition is our obsession with delivering top-notch service and results.

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